Head Rush Technologies

We are representatives in Spain for Head Rush Technologies products: Trueblue, Zip Stop, Quick Jump and Flight Jump, and a wide range of accessories belonging to this brand.

Head Rush is a brand which develops high-technology devices that have revolutionised all automatic systems, created especially for recreational activities in leisure centres and adventure parks.

Head Rush products go a step further in the adventure sector by introducing high quality and high performance technology that reaffirms the safety and optimisation of the management and operation of adventure parks.

Our technical service offers the advice clients need to find the best solution for the application, in adventure parks, on climbing walls and for at-height activities built by us, as well as for existing installations.


ZipSTOP is a braking system for zip lines that slows users down gradually, comfortably and safely using auto-adjustable, magnetic braking technology. ZipSTOP is easy to operate, resets automatically, has no downtime due to bad weather and provides consistently gentle braking for a wide range of user weights.

  • Braking technology using eddy currents
  • Wide range of weights and speeds
  • Increased performance
  • Low operating cost and minimal risk
  • Low purchase cost
  • Performs in all types of climates
ZipSTOP zip line brakes and the optimised zipSTOP IR are the best choice for zip line rides.


TRUEBLUE is the most advanced, flexible and reliable auto-belay safety product on the market. Designed specifically for professionals: gyms, climbing walls, adventure activities that require active safety for the participant, rope courses, and so on, TRUEBLUE uses an auto-adjustable, magnetic braking system that adapts to the weight of the user and allows the same descent speed for both children and adults.

  • Braking resistance which adjusts to the weight of the climber
  • Smooth descent at all times
  • No wearing or sacrificial wear parts
  • Built to eliminate the need for one-way clutch bearings
  • Maximum webbing durability
Using TRUBLUE auto-belays in your centre or in your activities will ensure great fun at a reduced cost and will minimise risks.


Provides users with a true free-fall experience, whilst controlling their descent. QUICKjump provides high performance and low operating costs for adventure parks, family entertainment centres, shopping centres, tourist centres, and so on.

  • Free-fall sensation
  • Easy to install
  • High performance
  • High durability
  • Minimum maintenance
The QUICKjump free-fall device has been designed to provide a thrilling, high-performance, free-fall experience with low operating costs.


Flight Line is the most extreme free-fall system on the market, and provides a real sense of free falling. It is extremely safe and has a double magnetic braking system. It is the only device on the market that can be installed on any site that meets the right conditions and is a minimum of 18.5 metres in height.

  • Fully redundant back-up system.
  • Greater performance than the competition.
  • Low maintenance and care needs.
  • Gradual, universal braking system.
Uses proprietary magnetic braking technology and patent-pending safety arrest and webbing systems for smooth and consistent braking.

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