Irrisarri Land

Igantzi, Navarra (Spain)

Centro Vacacional Irrisarri de Igantzi SL

Construction year:

Design, planning, development, manufacture and installation

Canopy Park with long-distance zip lines and a 70-metre Stira-T pendulum

Assembly period:
28 weeks

Surface area:
20 hectares

Up to 600 people per day

General Description

Irrisarri Land is the first large Canopy Park course in Spain and one of the largest in Europe. It is a circuit with 8 inter-connected zip lines that cross a large estate of typical Navarran countryside, with a long 900-metre zip line, which is one of the longest in Spain.


After an initial phase of the project that involved positioning all the departure and arrival stations, we conducted the civil works phase in August 2013, and the installation of the support posts began in October of the same year.

The installation of the more than 2500m of overhead cables was achieved by helicopter. During the months of November, December and January, the cables were installed, testing took place, ramps were constructed and the park was commissioned. It was inaugurated and opened to the public at Easter in 2014.

The speed regulating system works with a special pulley designed exclusively by Vertikalist, which enables the speed to be reduced without touching the wire. It is the first park in Spain to have been developed and designed in accordance with cableway regulations.

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