Indoor Adventure Park

  • Inter-connected skills challenges

  • Bridges, walkways, nets, zip lines, etc.

  • Varying levels of difficulty

  • Development of psychomotor skills

  • Improving awareness of individual responsibility

  • Concentration abilities

Indoor adventure parks combine adventure games and activities designed to be installed indoors. Industrial buildings, shopping centres, sports centres, gyms, pavillions… we create adventure and fun environments indoors: zip lines, climbing walls, bridges, via ferratas, high rope courses, net parks, etc.

We bring active leisure for all ages to urban areas and the general public. It is a profitable sports activity that can operate 365 days a year, whatever the weather, day and night.

Vertikalist plans, designs and constructs skills activities and adventure circuits in commercial formats that cover all the requirements of the implementation process, right up to inauguration.

There is a wide range of creative and artistic possibilities: a cutting-edge, innovative and exclusive leisure model.

Indoor circuits include the continuous lifeline systems and are based on the principle of active and passive safety. Participants advance on their own, but their safety is not optional and is never left in their hands. With these measures in place, the element of risk is eliminated and the operating and management personnel costs are reduced, thus increasing profitability.

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