Alhaurin de la Torre Supertirolina Twin VK

ZipLine Twin Alhaurín de la Torre

Supertirolina VK Twin

Alhaurín de la Torre, Málaga (España)

Sunview PARK Adventure

Year of construction:

Projection, design, development, manufacturing and installation.

Double cable long-distance zip line for lying or sitting descent.
Two-component lacquered galvanized steel gantry structure.
Zip Stop automatic brake system with backup Stop Run.

Assembly peridod:
28 weeks

1350 m de long. Height difference aprox. 10%

Up to 600 people/day

General description

The Alhaurín de la Torre Supertirolina Twin VK is the last project developed by Vertikalist in 2020. It is the longest double zip line in Andalusia and one of the longest in Spain. It uses two 20mm drop cables and a third central cable for the bird beacons. The departure station is located on top of a hill with spectacular views of the entire Malaga coast and the pre-coastal mountains.


This is a particularly complex project due to the tight geometries presented by the terrain orography and which put us to the test to engineer a new tensioning system that allows us to work with 20 mm cables. The structural dimensions and high work stresses have represented a great technical and professional challenge. The result is a spectacular zip line that reaches 100 km / h at the moment of maximum slope.


They are expected to open in the summer of 2020.

It is the longest double zip line in Andalusia, with spectacular views over Malaga, the plain of La Hoya de Málaga, its mountains and the Vega de Guadalhorce.
A must for lovers of tourism who like to alternate sea and mountains.

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