Adventure Landscape Can Putxet

Adventure Landscape, Can Putxet

Casa de Colònies de Can Putxet, Sant Celoni (Barcelona)

Daema Aventura

Construction year:

Design, construction and commissioning

Park of artificial rocks with bridges and zip lines for children from 4 to 12 years old

Surface area:
2.000 m2

8 groups of 25 to 30 children every hour, every day

General Description

Three artificial rock monoliths that support pendant bridges and children’s trolleys, one meter from the ground. Do not require the use of harnesses or active safety systems. One of the rocks has a scalable face up to 9 meters high with 6 climbing tracks. recreation of a natural spot. New concept of adventure activity or look for beauty and aesthetic appeal with sculpture techniques.


Constructed in its entirety with a steel structure fixed to concrete slabs, coated with a special mortar, molded, carved and painted reproducing a natural rock effect of great realism.

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