Wakana Lake

Wakana Lake

Celemín Reservoir, Benalup, Cádiz (Spain)

Natural Channel Adventure SL

Construction year:

Design, planning, development, manufacture and installation

Canopy Park / Zip lines / Adventure activities on steel poles

Assembly period:
7 weeks

Surface area:
1 hectare

200 people per day

General Description

In this unique spot, we designed a Canopy Park circuit on 11-metre poles running through the estate above a forest of wild olive trees, with wonderful views of the Celemín reservoir.

Vertikalist was responsible for the development, construction and commissioning of this circuit, with a continuous lifeline (Koala System) 9 activities and finishing up with a 140-metre zip line.

The Wakana Lake Park also has a mountain bike circuit, water activities, glamping, a Spartan Race and numerous other games, activities and excursions in the surrounding area.

At Wakana Lake, we installed the exclusive Koala continuous lifeline.

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