Our business experience is based on innovation, research and development. We constantly search for and apply improvements in technical construction solutions. This enables us to offer well-finished high performance products.

In our facilities we manufacture parts and components for the parks, and we test them before producing them in bulk. We make samples, do trials, and perform load and breakage tests. In this way, our final product has fully-tested safety guarantees and a high standard of quality.

The Vertikalist team is always searching for new challenges, new thrills and new business horizons. Innovation is our objective, so we can provide our customers with products that evolve with market expectations.


We are pioneers in the application of the groundbreaking ICA cable termination system, which is exclusive to Vertikalist. It is simple, secure and inviolable, and eliminates maintenance costs of all cable termination items. In fact, all constructors should have adopted this solution.


  • Prevents risk of injury: there are no sharp edges or surfaces.
  • It is inviolable: it cannot be removed with a simple wrench.
  • Zero maintenance (unlike the anchoring): in a park which has 60 activities, we eliminate some 2,200 nuts, which need to be periodically checked and retightened.

When we used the first RodeoStop in Spain in 2008, we realised that this would become the most successful anti-fall system. It has no springs or internal gears which can get stuck, meaning it is simple, economic and requires minimum maintenance.

It is bi-directional, so there is no need to retrieve the rope every time. It can be mounted at a wide range of heights (up to 30 metres) and has the widest range of uses on the market.


The cornerstone of safety. This system ensures that safety management is not left up to your customers, and it keeps participants attached to the circuit, from the beginning right up until their feet are safely on the ground again.

Each assembly requires a type of lifeline that is adapted to the characteristics of each adventure circuit. We install specific continuous lifelines in accordance with the needs of the circuit.

Vertikalist develops and installs:

  • Lifeline system for Indoor VKPRO circuits
  • The KOALA lifeline with a pulley for Canopy Parks on pylons and in trees
  • VERTIKAL TREK lifelines
  • Professional range of IGENA lifelines

Smart technology ensures safety by preventing participants from being disconnected from the lifeline by accident or negligence. There are several brands of carabiner clips on the market.

We study the features of your park and advise you on the solution that best suits the characteristics of the lifeline in question.


Analysing, assessing, validating and testing are activities that are part of our everyday activity. At Vertikalist we perform:

  • Material breakage trials as well as load, performance and stress tests.
  • Magnetic inspections of cables.
  • Geotechnical studies.
  • Geological risk studies.
  • Landscape and environmental studies.
  • Certification in accordance with EN regulations.

Vertikalist distributes the automatic Zip Stop braking device and other Head Rush products. We study each case and we calibrate and adjust the installation to achieve appropriate, safe braking distances.

We sell various high-performance pulleys for long distance zip lines. We manufacture all the components of our Canopy VK pulleys with a built-in speed regulation device for cables of 14 to 20mm. It is specially designed for circuits with linked zip lines, canopies and super zip lines.

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