Fly Line

  • Made of stainless steel

  • Low maintenance

  • Automatic speed regulation

  • Suitable for all ages

  • Built in trees, pylons, towers or other structural elements

  • Capacity of up to 200 descents per hour

  • Unlimited route length (recommended min. 300 to 2000m)

  • Operation management requiring limited staff

  • Construction certified according to the EN 15567 regulation.

Fly Lines are the latest generation of high-level attractions for the adventure tourism sector.

Vertikalist is the exclusive sales representative for Fly Line in Spain, the first European company that has developed hanging rail descent systems, both in trees and using artificial supports.

In practice, Fly Line (also known as Roller Coaster or Zip Line) is a dynamic track made of a stainless steel tube, which participants slide along using a pulley with an automatic speed regulation system.

This system allows circuits with curves, turns, ups and downs to be set up, along which participants make their descent through the forest. It is a ground-breaking and fun activity, suitable for all ages.

In 2014, the Fly Line attraction received the International Adventure Park Association Award in recognition of its level of innovation and implementation capability.

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