Nature Adventure Park Dubái

Dubai Nature Adventure Park

Mushrif Park, Dubai (UAE)

Aventura Parks / Aventura Amazonia

Construction year:

Design, construction and commissioning

Canopy Park & High Rope Courses

Surface area:
35,000 m2

400-600 people per day

General Description

This is one of the largest adventure parks in the world comprising five adventure circuits and five High Ropes Course and Team Building modules. It is a milestone in the construction of adventure sports infrastructures internationally.


The characteristics of the land – a desert terrain with some vegetation and dunes – required engineering work of great complexity in order to build the necessary foundations: micro pile driving and deep pile driving to hold steel poles of up to 12 metres and zip lines of up to 180 metres in length. A total of 75 foundations were laid to place the 75 steel poles of between 6 and 12 metres in length, weighing between 1,000 and 2,500kg.  At the same time, more than 1,100m3 of sand was moved, 821m3 of concrete was used, as well as 12 machines, including diggers, electric platforms and cranes, and 6 containers filled with materials and tools that were transported from Spain to Dubai.

Dubai Adventure Nature Park is our most ambitious project to date, not only because of the size of the park or the logistics involved, but also due to the high Middle-East temperatures, the desert sand that gets into everything and the added difficulty of working in another culture tested our resilience and capability.

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