Super Zip Lines

  • Starting at 600m in length

  • Gradients greater than 10%

  • Up to 87mph

  • Descent in horizontal or sitting positions

  • Triple-effect braking system

  • For people weighing between 45 and 120kg.

Long distance zip lines or Supertirolina are high-performance attractions for descents of over 600 metres in length. They are intended for areas with major tourist attractions or those which want to attract media coverage. They create a buzz of excitement and are an ideal way of promoting and vitalising areas which are seeking to become tourist destinations.

We build high-performance, single and double, super zip lines, we build them over water, and so on; and we adapt them to the needs of the project. We develop the project from the very beginning, with a study phase and preliminary assessment of the viability of the project, up to the requirements for the operation’s commissioning and opening to the public.

Our technology and construction model complies with the strictest cableway regulations, applied to the implementation of ski lifts and cable cars.

Vertikalist’s technology and construction model complies with the regulations governing the construction of ski lifts and cable cars, which are the most stringent rules regulating cableways.

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