Canopy Park ®

  • Zip lines from 200 to 600 metres in length

  • Up to 75 metres high

  • Up to 50mph

  • Descent in sitting position

  • Pulley with speed regulator

  • Triple-effect braking system

  • Works without electricity

  • Can be used by people weighing between 40 and 140kg

  • No prior experience is necessary

  • Adaptable to any terrain

Canopy Parks® are adventure parks based on the canopies of Costa Rica, which are interlinking zip line circuits that run through large spaces, crossing rivers, valleys and mountains.

This product makes the most of the commercial benefits of the star attraction of commercial adventure sports: zip lines. It is an exclusive attraction which appeals to all types of people and ages, in groups, as individuals or in pairs.

Our zip lines go through an exacting design, manufacture, construction and commissioning process in accordance with Cableway Directive 2000/9/EC, thus providing our customers with the strictest safety, durability and operating efficiency guarantees.

  • Route planning and measuring, and preliminary terrain studies.
  • Zip line, component and accessory design and calculation of variables.
  • Executive engineering projects and civil works.
  • Quality Control in the manufacturing of structures and components.
  • Cable installation by helicopter.
  • Structure and cable installation management and supervision of civil works.
  • Final load testing on all installations in accordance with cableway regulations.
  • The preparation of a facility maintenance plan.
  • Activity management and operation plan tailor-made for each project, training of supervisors and commissioning.

Some Parks installed by Vertikalist:
WakanaLake Zipline Park:
Activities-IrrisarriLand Ziplines:

We are the first Spanish company that constructs long zip lines, and we are a pioneer in the implementation of this type of attraction.


When the terrain available does not have sufficient trees but it does meet the appropriate requirements for hosting an adventure business, Canopy Park pylons are the best solution. They are built with steel support pylons that can be combined with towers, trees, rock faces or buildings, both indoors and outdoors. We carry out the entire construction and installation project, tailored to our customers needs and the technical requirements of the project.


Parks built by Vertikalist have a seal of quality and exclusivity that can be seen at a glance. The operability and ease with which the park can be run is a fundamental value.

A thorough study of the forest area and terrain, coupled with our technical construction know-how and experience in the management and subsequent operation of this business results in attractive and functional designs, and fun and varied games that facilitate the flow of participants, thus preventing hold-ups and rescues. A quality construction system that makes the park easy to manage, safe, and with reduced maintenance needs.

A good job – the best letter of recommendation.

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