Tailor Made

If you have seen or are looking for any particular activity or attraction but don’t know who can undertake its development, we can provide you with a TAILOR-MADE solution. There is a wide range of custom-made products and activities that we can develop to complement or expand your active leisure business.


We build and install artificial, scalable structures and walls, monoliths or themed structures for leisure centres which seek to provide a fun, custom-made climbing wall. We use 3D fibreglass or thixotropic cement, which is carved and moulded to create artificial rock – a scalable and attractive work of art.


These are sculptured scalable modules that integrate into natural, urban or indoor environments. They are easily and quickly assembled, require minimal maintenance, and the many conceptual and expansion possibilities available make each wall unique. All of this results in a product of great interest for sports facilities.


Vertikalist has a long track record developing extreme activities for the active leisure business. We organise and actively participate in the most extreme, daring and innovative events. Here are just a few examples:

  • Guinness World Record jump by 12 people from a 60m crane in Port Ginesta (Spain).
  • Guinness World Record jump from the Parque Central building in Caracas (Venezuela).
  • More than 55,000 bungee jumps from cranes with customers from 1990 until 2002 at a countless number of places and events.
  • Jump from the Calatrava Communications Tower in Montjuic, Barcelona (1997).
  • Bungee jump between cranes.
  • Exhibition bungee jumps from hot air balloons.


A sensory experience along a route through a natural environment. The senses of touch, smell, hearing are stimulated by sensory experimentation, participating in games and exercises as a family, reconnecting with sensations that are difficult to find in cities, and discovering new ones.


These are exercises that are used as tools to provide thematic training for personal development, for both teams and individuals, through interactive team games. They are adaptations of techniques developed in the military field and subsequently applied in the business training sector in line with the experiential learning concept.

In this case, they are games of skill that are performed at ground level and do not require any safety equipment. They are easy-to-assemble activities which are reversible and require little maintenance. They are ideal for increasing the premises capacity on days with a high attendance or when large groups and schools are visiting. The possibilities are numerous and can support various configurations, ranging from game stations to routes involving a variety of games.


Handcrafted ‘puzzles’ for playing in a team or as a group. It is a fun idea that puts participants’ ability, ingenuity, imagination and cooperation to the test. They are suitable for all and encourage interaction between children, teenagers, adults, the elderly and people with disabilities. They can be assembled and disassembled easily in any indoor or outdoor space.


The Italian armies built the via ferratas in the Alps to facilitate the movement of troops through the mountains during the great European wars of the 20th century. Since then, thousands of mountaineers have travelled along them. They are the most difficult discipline in mountaineering but without the difficulty or the risks that would be involved without them. Today they are considered a top-class tourist attraction.

1- Natural via ferratas (rock):

  • We plot and plan the mountain routes equipped to practice this exciting activity:
  • Geological risk study.
  • Cables with separate sections to facilitate maintenance.
  • Anchoring, as used in the mining industry.
  • Lanyard system integrated into the installation.
  • Design of safety information and warning signs.
  • Practice module to learn on.
  • We adapt special adventure games to integrate them into via ferratas.

2- Urban via ferratas (artificial):

Free building walls (industrial warehouses, factories, silos, retaining walls, etc.) are ideal locations for the installation of sporting facilities. This option takes advantage of unused or unproductive spaces and provides adventure and active leisure activities in urban environments, both indoors and outdoors.


A Bike Park is a specific facility in which mountain biking can be practised. They are located in natural environments, such as rural areas, mountains, ski resorts, private properties, etc., or in urban areas such as sports complexes, parks, empty plots of land, industrial warehouses, etc. Vertikalist is constantly evolving and offers quality products and facilities which are safe, easy to access and fun and which revitalise areas for all social and commercial entities in the area.

  • Feasibility study
  • Design and planning
  • Manufacturing of modules (ramps, bumps, tracks, cambers, etc.)
  • Construction of dirt tracks
  • Cycle paths, tracks and green trails
  • Restoration of old paths or existing routes in disuse.
  • Construction of skate circuits and tracks
  • Pedal kart circuits
  • Design of green spaces and landscaping


These are large custom-made structures which house a compendium of adventure activities and games. They are a real attraction that will fit perfectly into any active leisure centre and which can be incorporated into or become an extension of other activity areas.

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