High Rope Courses

  • Birrarium

  • Yellow Fight

  • Stira-T

  • Adherence Limit

  • Tirolong

  • Tarzan Jump

  • X-Beam

  • Jacob’s Ladder

  • Jumpers

  • and many others…

High Rope Courses are activity game stations developed exclusively by Vertikalist where participants have to overcome challenges, competing individually, against each other or against other teams. These High Rope Courses are generally set up at height outdoors, and are suspended from posts, and in some cases, from trees.

These types of games have continued to evolve since the 80s, but they have one thing in common: the challenge element. In fact, they are a variation on the military high rope course concept, adopted by business schools as a tool used in team building and training sessions through experiential learning.

Vertikalist high rope courses are designed to develop physical qualities as a form of training or simply for participants to enjoy an innovative and stimulating group activity. Each high rope module has different game characteristics with a high fun factor.

Every high rope course requires different skills and abilities which are adapted to the level of all the participants and can be enjoyed with children and adults together, as a family, or for groups seeking new thrills to enjoy as a team.

Vertikalist designs and constructs all kinds of high rope courses:

  • As a self-improvement activity at height for experiential training and team building.
  • As a recreational adventure activity for groups simply looking to have some fun.
  • As a standalone activity or as a high rope course park, combining several game modules to accommodate several groups simultaneously.
High rope courses incorporate safety systems and devices which are very easy to handle, infallible for novices and require a minimum amount of maintenance.

Our brand for jump and free fall attractions. At Vertikalist we have been developing custom-made extreme activities for many years. Any area that meets the conditions can accommodate these thrilling attractions which are eagerly awaited.

Stira-T is a unique activity, only suitable for the most extreme thrill-seekers, and one which is a must for visitors and tourists.

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