We offer our clients specialised services developed throughout the more than 10 years of experience we have in a sector in which we are pioneers.


We provide general or specific solutions, customised to establish active leisure businesses, as well as the subsequent management, operation, maintenance of your installations, upgrades, and so on.

Construction of Adventure Parks

Design, construction and implementation of infrastructures, circuits and sports attractions in conditions ready to begin commercial operation.

Advice and Consulting

We perform the design and evaluation of the project: analysis of surroundings, activity proposals, market, financial and technical studies, cost estimates including operating costs, management models and legal aspects.

Technical and Maintenance Service

After-sales maintenance service. Technical and management assistance. Immediate response service. Sale and updating of personal operating equipment.

Mountain Installations

Unexpected issues or erroneous predictions can become serious problems during the installation of adventure activities in the mountains. This includes via ferratas, zip lines, hanging walkways and bridges.

We have the means, know-how and experience to successfully deal with all kinds of assemblies and installations in the mountains, which is a field with which we are completely familiar and which requires special operational and logistic planning.

Safety Inspections and Certification of Activities

We perform expert technical reports on facilities which certify each activity, circuit, or installation in accordance with regulations EN15567/1 and EN15567/2.

Restyling the Facilities

Vertikalist updates, repairs, extends and improves facilities or obsolete attractions which are in need of renovation, to ensure safety, with regard to current regulations and technology, and to improve the general user experience.

Specialised Personnel Training

The staff that ensure attractions are operated correctly are as important as the attractions themselves. We coordinate and provide specific courses to train activity supervisors and refresh their skills.

Vertical Safety Management

Heights and verticality are hostile environments that oblige operators to maintain certain safety standards and results. At Vertikalist, we are pioneers at treating heights as a specialisation in the context of employment.

For business owners and the self-employed, ensuring worker safety and assuming responsibility when lives are at stake is no easy task. Vertikalist has a specialised technical department that offers solutions within the sector: Vertical Safety Management (Spanish initials: GSV).

GSV is focused on companies that perform tasks in vertical conditions or at heights: stuntmen, special effects at heights for adverts and video/film productions, shows, sets and filming at height, etc.

We use safety and prevention techniques, as well as specialised materials, technology and equipment . We have an in depth knowledge of legislation which enables us to provide a specialised, customised service.

A comprehensive safety and height risk prevention framework:

  • Vertical security audit
  • Access to vertical spaces for personnel and equipment
  • Supply of equipment and technical materials
  • Specific training courses
  • Control and supervision of safety personnel
  • Installation of permanent or temporary protective measures
  • Design and implementation of height safety systems

GSV for artistic productions and shows:

  • Actor and performance or production operative safety
  • Acting and special effects at heights and aerial shots for film, advertising and television productions and special feats
  • Stuntmen and doubles
  • Adverts which are shot at height
  • Preparation of film sets for specialised filming
  • Special effects at heights, supervision and control of specialists.

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